bacheloer partyBachelor parties have always been a big wedding tradition since time in memorial when the groom was given the opportunity to let enjoy what the world of bachelorhood has to offer before settling down with his new wife. They are characterized by a lot of fun, entertainment, and drinks. The groom arrives at the event with all cheers from his friends with an escort of a limo service.

A bachelor party is a common rite of passage that every man should enjoy before his wedding. It can also land the groom in trouble if the party prevents him from walking down the aisle. It is vital to plan well in advance so that the bachelor party doesn’t interfere with the actual wedding.

If you are planning to have a bachelor party, there are some basic rules you need to stick with. There is also a certain behavior you need to uphold to avoid issues that may bring infighting and disagreements with your bride. Here are the basic elements you need to know, to make your big bash a success.

The Guest List

The Bachelor begins as a gentleman’s talk. It is a civilized evening of smoking, drawing room drinking and toasting to the groom’s health. Today’s bachelor parties have moved away from the traditional bit of this ceremony in favor of a raunchy night on the town. The best mane invites friends and relatives of the groom, which is usually male-only. The list of the invitees are only those people who you get along.

Pick the Location

bachelorBachelor parties can take place almost anywhere. The typical bachelor party involves some combination of gambling, strippers, and booze. However, these days it can be a weekend spend bonding in the woods. Others may be a high-adrenaline adventure such as skydiving, white-water rafting, and rock climbing. Some bachelor parties might involve a weekend of golfing, funny night at the cigar bar or nice steak dinner.


If you have the thoughts that the night before the wedding is the right time to hold the bachelor party, you have to think again. The last thing an excited groom needs at the big day is a hangover. A big night out by the groom late at night will definitely stress the bride, and this should be avoided. You should schedule a bachelor party weeks or a month before your wedding day. Scheduling it on the last day may make some people who are out of town fail to attend to your event. Be sure to send invitations early to avoid last minute disappointments.