Where are we going to start with our wedding plans? You have a couple of months to your special day, and you’re not sure where to begin as far as planning is concerned. This is a common concern nowadays. Most of the decisions you’re supposed to make regarding your wedding event are usually hard, especially in the initial stages. As you progress ahead, things tend to become much easier while others simply fall into place. This doesn’t negate the fact that planning for that special day can be overwhelming and probably the most stressful thing ever. Here’s a quick that will help you make everything runs out smoothly while planning for that wedding. And, have fun in your forthcoming marriage.

The Guest List

Most of your wedding decisions will depend on the number of guests you’re expecting to attend your wedding. Not all your guests will attend your wedding. As a matter of fact, you should only expect about seventy percent of those you invited. This often happens when you invite more than one hundred and fifty guests. You might have 90 percent plus attendance if you invite less than fifty people. The fifty you’re inviting are most likely your family members and close friends who won’t miss. As you increase the number towards 200, chances are you’ve crossed the “closest friends” line to the “friends” category. Although it’s quite challenging to know the exact number of people coming for your wedding, you should have a general guideline that will help you make other decisions such as costs and venue.

Plan your Budget

The first thing you want to deal with when planning for your wedding is the amount of money you’re willing to spend. What’s your budget for the special day? The venue you hire as well as the services to use will depend on your budget. Whether you’re willing to spend $2000 or $200,000, you’ll find what suits your budget. Consider using a wedding planning app to help keep on top of your budget and any other plan.

Find your Perfect Venue

The choice and availability of a wedding venue usually dictate the day and date for the event. The most important thing about the wedding venue is that it has the biggest influence on the mood of the special day. You should start searching for a venue as soon as you’re done with your guest list and budget. What type of venue do you prefer? Which location? Let this two questions guide your decision.

And now, plan for the other stuff

Well, once your guest list, wedding budget, and wedding venue are in place, it’s time to focus on other stuff. Choose the right wedding colors. Start by finding out which colors seem to make you happy. Consider using those for your wedding. Other things to do include ordering wedding stationery, sending your wedding invitations at least three to six months in advance, booking a wedding photographer, and choosing your wedding dress. Don’t forget that you’ll need a holiday after having months of stress planning for the big day. The holiday, in this case, is your honeymoon which should be truly exciting. If you didn’t allocate for it in your budget, it’s time to agree your preferred destination as well as the amount of money you can allocate for the same.