Free photo Destination Florist Planning a wedding away from home is attractive but yet challenging. A destination wedding presents couples with an opportunity to celebrate their marriage at a gorgeous and secluded location that is far from home. Couples get married from all over the world in stunning locations such as Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico and Europe in amazing limousines, and other pristine cars and not Tow Trucks. Destination weddings can involve just the two of the spouses, or it can have some few selected family members and friends.

Going through the whole planning process of a destination wedding can be tricky. To have a good vacation wedding, there are vital things that you need to have right. From the timing of the wedding to picking the right location, discussed below are some more tips you need to put into practice.

Pick the Perfect Spot

The location of your wedding will determine the mood – be it sophisticated, rustic or beachy of the event. It will also the time, budget and travel issues. The location will also give your guests something to talk about, as long as the wedding memories are alive. The location will also determine the activities associated with the place. Ensure that you pick a spot that compliments with your tastes and interests. Consider the interests and likes of your guests too.


Right Timing

Unfortunately, the best weather to hold vacation wedding tends to be in line with tourist season, where there are typically more people, less hotel spaces and higher rates all round. If you choose to marry during a high season, you will want to reserve hotel accommodation months in advance to avoid any inconveniences. Booking early will also help you to save some few dollars which you can use for other purposes.


Factor in Extra Expenses

Wedding destinations will always have a small element of extra spending. You might get to a destination and be excited by what you see. This might tempt you to spend more to have fun from what the destination offers. There is also an extra expense you will need to factor in including importing key vendors and decor, welcoming guests and additional activities associated with your guests. Sufficient planning is thus necessary to achieve your dream destination wedding.


Seek Help

If you would want to have a destination wedding in a distant locale, you will have to entrust someone else to assist you with some planning. You should place the burden of research to the wedding planner to have them secure all the necessary vendors, and deal with logistics such as tent rentals, lighting and handling. The planner will also be tasked with creating gift cards for guests, welcoming your guests at the airport, vetting special guests and keeping people busy with fun activities. Otherwise, set about 10 -15 percent of your budget to the local planner.


Vet Vendors Carefully

With assistant from your local planner, you need to vet vendors carefully, by going over the board beyond just viewing their portfolio. Check references and reviews from any past works they might have engaged themselves in. You might consider arranging at least one planning trip to meet them in person. Keep a constant communication with them, to ensure everything goes on as planned.