PARISFrance plays home to some of the best theme  and amusement parks. Family holidays need to have fun days, and themes parks in France can guarantee this fun. Whether you are looking for parks filled with exciting rides or fun activities, you can enjoy your favorite characters in water-parks, by taking giant flumes and breathtaking water-slides. Besides that, there are educational parks that are great fun for children to learn something new. I had to take time off tow truck tasks and head to France, and the experience was fantastic.

If you are on a visit to France more so with kids, you might want to visit the best amusement parks which includes water parks. There are different types of slides including artificial lakes and water games. There are more than 60 publicly accessible water parks and here are the best five.


At Aquariaz park, you will have a unique experience as you slide through the Alps- at the highest waterpark the Europe has to offer. Aquariaz is located in the mountains of Avoriaz. The water park is open all year round and includes features such as indoor Jacuzzi, pool, sauna, water play areas for the youngest, hammams, sports court and other various activities. During winter, the park offers a calm relaxation after a long day of skiing. In the summer, it is a good alternative to beach resorts.

Since this park is located in the mountains, you might need to re rent a car or book a Limousine, as these are the most hassle-free options. If you prefer taking a bus, you can find them at Cluses and Thonon. For those flying, you should know the park is located near the border of with Switzerland, with the nearest airport being Geneva.


Disneyland Paris

Disneyland ParisThe Disneyland Paris is the biggest and most famous park in France. It is Disney’s only theme park in Europe. It can be accessed two and half hours from the port of Le Havre and about three hours from Caen. The park is huge, nearly one fifth the size of Paris and features so many wild rides.

You can explore five different worlds of the park – the Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Discoveryland. Famous rides include Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission 2 and the Big Thunder Mountain. Also on this park, you should not miss the Walt Disney Studios where you can discover what it takes being behind the camera in a movie.



Futuroscope is located in Western France and is one of the most visited attractions in France. The theme park is all about cinema, multimedia audio visual and robotic technology of the future. The park shows 3D and 4D films all with the latest simulation technology, and have seats that move in sync with whats shown on the screen.

The park is themed around science and technology of moving images that surprise and amaze visitors. It combines attractions as the new dancing robots and robotic zoo and other visual effects. Most of the activities shown in this park are indoor, so it is a good place to visit irrespective of the weather. Charges are 35€ for adults, 33€ for seniors and 25€ for children.


La Mer de Sable

La Mer de Sable which translates to the Sea of Sand has 26 attractions and three worlds of adventure. This theme park offers something a little different from the usual. At this theme, there is a chance to see fantastic horseback riding, stunts, aerobics and acrobat, shows, adventures and burlesque shows. It is the ultimate hanging point for fun lovers and features a ranch, a saloon, and a canyon


Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix was opened in 1989 and was the first theme park in France. It is based on popular stories of Asterix and Obelisk. The park boasts the biggest wooden roller coaster in Europe, and this intense looping roller coaster turns upside down seven times – an enough feeling to activate adrenaline rush.

It has a proximity to Disneyland Paris, which makes it sometimes to be overlooked by thrill seekers. This, therefore, works to the advantage of making the theme park have shorter queues, making time spent on the rides to be longer. The park is situated 30km north of Paris and is easily accessible by public transport or car.