guest listTrimming down your wedding guest list can be one of the most challenging aspects of a marriage planning process- Who do you include, who do you leave out? There are those long-lost aunts, uncles, and cousins who are making your guest list equation hard to balance. It is easy to have your guest list get out of control. You might end up inviting random people while leaving out the most significant.

Your guest list will determine many other details that will ultimately affect your spending. You need to ensure every head count included is important and does not contradict your budget. If you are struggling with the anxiety associated with a guest list, we shall help you beat this fear and come up with the perfect list, by following these tips;

Make an A-list and B-list

Your A-list consist of the must have invites that you can’t think of leaving out. These include your family members and close friends, and they receive the first round of invitation. This list should be easy to make. Next, there is the B-list.

These are people you would just enjoy having them at your wedding, but who can’t be extended an invite at the first round. These are people such as your nephew’s new girlfriend among others in that category. You make an invite to members in the B-list only when your budget allows.


Setting Cutting Rules

guestsAnother easy way to come up with a guest list is to set cutting rules and stick to them. It will be simpler in the long run, and you will avoid any potential selection drama that might come at the end. If neither you or your spouse has ever talked to, seen or met someone, never invite them – it doesn’t make any sense.

Leave out anyone you have not spoken or interacted with in the last three years- these people are already sidelined and won’t add any value in your life. Lastly, if you have included anyone on your list because you feel guilty leaving them out, crack the whip and delete them from your list.

Exclude co-workers

Even if you are close to your work mates, marriage is a different aspect. If you are strained, you might consider dropping them. Let us face reality for a minute. What happens if you switch jobs? Will you care for all these workmates? There are select few you will still keep contacts even after leaving your job. These are the only ideal ones you should consider sending out an invitation for your wedding.

Consider your Budget and Venue

Before you make the final attempt of drafting your guest list, pay attention to what you have set aside to spend on these people, and space the venue can accommodate. Be realistic about the number of guests to avoid the stress that may come up later. Your set budget and venue size are the most important aspects that should guide you to make this decision. For every guest you add on your list, that means you need an additional plate, chair, and more logistics.