Marriage brings a lot of drama, tragedy, and comedy. However, before you experience any of these flavors, you need to catch the trailer with some fantasy. After the gruesome, the hectic hustle and bustle of the wedding, you need to take a calm and relaxing honeymoon to enjoy life with your new spouse. Honeymoon retreats offer you and your spouse a chance to relax in a secluded setting where you revitalize your mind, body, and relationship.

When it’s time to plan a getaway with your newly wed, consider engaging in these activities.

1. Watch Sunrise Together

It might sound old and may seem boring to read, but the actual execution of this task is quite fun. Try getting up early in the morning and catch the first glimpse of the sunrise together. The act of laying on a secluded place with your spouse as you see the sun rise together brings a sense of new beginning and a fresh start to your new life together.

2. Order Food for each Other

Ordering food for each other is a good way to find out the intricate details about the culinary choices of your partner. You can order a favorite breakfast or lunch for your partner and later enjoy the dinner together. These simple acts bring love out and it will also help you know more about the taste in food and drinks by your partner.

3. Make Room for Fine Dining

It’s time to get elaborate and classy by ordering the elements of fine dining. The food you order together should be inclusive of wine or champagne, caviar and lobster and anything else exotic. Make the evening more romantic by playing romantic and beautiful tracks. Have the right ambiance that will get you in the mood for some close dancing as well.

4. Get Adventurous During Daytime

Couples Mountain Cloud

The trend of working together on something different and unique during honeymoon is on the rise. Activities such as sky diving, paragliding among others bring out the fun out of each other. You need to live life as it happens and unpredictably witness its beauty. Plan for a road trip hit the road and encounter a surprise. Pack all your belonging to the honeymoon, get into your car or hire one and go wild on a road trip.

5 . Interact with Nature and Wildlife

Nature, its beauty, and wildlife attract a lot of couples to come together and bond. Apart from enjoying beautiful scenes in wildlife behavior, nature has a lot more to offer. There are amazing trees and flowers, water falls, virgin lands, birds and much more.

6. Do weird and fun things together

It is your honeymoon, and you don’t have to be too serious with life or deeply engaged in long love making. Spare some time to bond by doing silly things together. Think about some interesting bedroom games, pillow fights, tickling each other, chasing after each other among others. Doing these small and silly things together will make you more casual and comfortable around each other.