wedding transportBooking wedding transportation can be one of the most stressful tasks you will encounter in the process of wedding planning. Finding the right transportation or limo service to work with, to coordinating where your guests will be picked and dropped off, can be challenging and stressful.

One thing that couples underestimate is the number of out of town guests who will need transportation to the wedding. Since they are primarily coming to the wedding, it makes sense out of courtesy to organize for their transportation. Planning for these logistics helps your guests not to get lost, arrive late or stranded in the city.

Here are some basic tips for tackling all of your transportation-related strains.

1. Set a Timeline

It is not a must you be aware of every detail of your wedding day on how it will go down to the last second. However, you need to map out on how the bulk of your time will be spent. When are you getting your hair done, make up and other related tasks?

All these factors will impact your wedding transportation. Establish a basic timeline on the pickup and drop offs and the centers where these activities shall be taking place. Once you have come up with you need, start looking for transport vendors to make an early booking.

2. Determine how many guests need transportation

Providing wedding transportation for your wedding party may be your responsibility, but it is not your responsibility to provide such transportation to all the guests. Make a checklist of the guests who would need transportation.

Map out the areas where they would be picked up and dropped off and provide this information to your transportation vendor. Talk to your guests to confirm attendance and avail themselves on time to avoid last minute delays.

3. Set a Budget

budgetNow that you some rough idea of what kind of transportation, accommodation, and guests expected, it’s time you set up the budget. You need to determine the type of transportation you want, and determine your budget. It can be a stretch limo, a party bus or something more unconventional such as a school bus.

Decide the exact type of vehicle you need and establish a budget. Determine how much you can afford to spend on your transportation or this big day. When contacting the transportation vendors, remember the window of negotiating is always open.

4. Do your Research

When you are ready to settle on the perfect transportation company, start collecting some information. Talk to couples about their experience with previous transportation companies. Go for customer reviews and testimonials from past clients. These reviews are invaluable when it comes to making the ultimate choice.

5. Make an Early Booking

Transportation vendors book up quickly especially during wedding, events and prom seasons. If you want to be sure to get your first choice transportation provider, book early way ahead of time. Visit the company you choose and read their rules and terms to see if its something you are comfortable to abide with.