cost-cuttingIt’s only a tiny percentage of brides who plan their wedding without encountering a surprise cost of few elements along the way. A wedding is like an iceberg – the majority of the planning is unseen. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure the big day goes on smoothly as planned. There are hidden elements that might have grave consequences on your big day and can adversely affect your budget. It can be postage services, limo service, clean up after the wedding, among others.

Having a wedding can be expensive. Before signing any contract, ask your vendors about details such as delivery, over time, and cleanup, so that inevitable fees do not surprise you later. To avoid for paying for unnecessary charges, ensure you read contracts well to know what’s included in a certain package, and what is not included. We have prepared a small checklist of commonly overlooked costs you need to account for in your budget to have everything well planned.


1. Postage Services

Your wedding invitations works on setting the tone for your celebration, and thus you need to create an amazing invitation that suits your guest list. Postage to your wedding invitations and correspondence can be quite expensive. Before you work on postage services, be mindful of the costs involved in shipping and other embellishments.


2. Wedding Band Equipment

The cost of wedding band includes charges for the artists, musicians and equipment. If you have a large reception space, additional microphones and speakers will be required so as to project the best sound quality. Before booking your wedding band or the DJ, you need to explain to them in details about the layout space so that they won’t have to bring in extra equipment at an additional cost.


3. Overtime fees

DJYour vendors such as the DJ, band, wedding photographer and videographer are booked for a certain amount of time. If your wedding runs a while longer than you expected, they will charge some fees per hour after they have reached the time specified in the contract they signed. You need to factor in additional time for getting dressed and taking photos. That way, you will be able to book them for a more realistic time frame.


4. Taxes and Gratuities

Taxes and gratuities may not be all hidden, but we all know there are taxes for almost every activity, and gratuities are expected for nearly every service. Most couples do not know how much they will end up paying for these services. The cost for these two elements will depend on the total amount of money you are spending as well as the location of your event.


5. Cleanup and Breakdown Costs

Most of the couples spend their time planning for the actual day and forget to plan for what happens after the event is over. If you are paying a fixed amount for rent space, you also should prepare for additional charges such as garbage collection and cleaning services. Even when you have a full-service package, same day set-up and clean-up services will be required. If you are expecting to hold late night party, expect to pay some fees for late night cleanup and pickup.