VENDORSStandout weddings are as a result of a full team of creative professionals all working together to make your dreams a reality. After you have determined your wedding theme and style and wedding budget, the ultimate step in the marriage planning process commences. You hire reliable and highly reputable vendors to carry out your vision to fruition.

Wait, but who do you hire first? What is the sequence? Which vendors do you need and which wants can you do without? We have prepared this wedding vendor guide to help answer these critical questions. As you plan your big day, the essential thing to do is to navigate your tasks and create a wedding timeline, which includes all the organizations and bookings you will have to make.

Here is our checklist of necessary vendors you will need;

1. The Venue

The first choice you need to make is the wedding venue. When choosing this site, do a due research by checking a few places to see which one excites you most. Start looking for places as early as ten months in advance since some venues can be booked this early. Get all the essential information you need to establish if the site is best suited for you, before making the down payment.

2. The Wedding Planner

When it comes to the wedding planner, you will have two options. You can be the wedding planner yourself, or you can hire a professional planner. If you plan on hiring one, note that you will need to do it early enough, similar to booking a venue.

3. Wedding Officiant

Some venues provide you with a priest, rabbi or pastor – others don’t. If yours doesn’t, consult from friends and family on who to choose. A great officiant can brighten your wedding, and thus recommendations for such people is significant. Try to find someone whose style speaks to you and book them in advance.

4. Photographer/Videographer

India Indian Taking Pictures Photographer CameraBefore you get to the big day, you need to have a well-laid plan and booking of the photographers and videographers. These two services compliment each other and will work towards preserving the memory of this big day – they are a must have. They capture the love story and the memories you will have for a lifetime.

5. The DJ, Band, and Lighting

A room filled up with soft-up lighting will make a reception magical. Music at your wedding will play a significant role in getting people attached to the marriage and having them join the dance floor. Reach out to the DJ and the band and listen to agree the type of music they will play in your wedding.

6. The Florist

As far as a florist is concerned, book them six months in advance before your wedding date. The availability of florists tend to depend on the time of the year, and it is important to strike a balance on their availability and services. Once you have found someone, talk to them and choose a style.

Apart from the above, you may need other vendors depending on your budget and also depending on how ‘big’ your wedding is. Other vendors you may need include; transportation, the baker, the caterer, hair and make up among others.