Wedding plannerFrom making a checklist, choosing your wedding party, making reservations, booking vendor- just to name a few, there are a lot of items and components needed for a successful wedding planning. Breakthroughs in technology have made life a little bit easy.

Now you can choose apps that can guide you in the process of planning for your wedding. You can find the best methods to track your expenses throughout a marriage preparation process and update on all important deadlines that need to be met, without skipping important items.

Regardless of apps available, here are some valuable wedding planning tools and apps you need to have, for the success of your big day.

1. Checklist Tool

A comprehensive wedding checklist is one of the essential tools you would need for your website. The checklist consist of all to-do items that need to be accomplished. It is a customization sheet whereby you can edit a task name, due dates, and notes.You can quickly add new items as you go, and delete tasks accordingly. You can use a progressive bar to stay on the track or have a quick glance at what’s next is awaiting you. You can also look back at completed tasks and review them.

2. Budget

Successful weddings start with having a budget. With a wedding budget tool, you can track your spending, decide where you want to save or splurge and have a budget plan you can stick to.You can add your category or items and track your spending.

With a budget planner, you can redistribute funds. You can view and organize your budget items based on the past and future payments. You can also remove items and categories without necessarily having to start from the scratch.

3. Guest List Tool

guest listWhether you are just hosting a ceremony, reception or other events leading to the big day, you have to keep a track of all your invited visitors at a go. With a guest tool, you can easily create your wedding list, and thus keep track of visitor attendance, gifts and more.

A guest list tool allows you to import an email list address from Gmail and other mail servers. Once you import your guest list, you can send everyone a message and let them update their mailing address. Within each event or ceremony, you can track your guests’ information including invitation status, gifts, meals, sitting and more.

4. Seating Chart Planner

A seating chart tool lets lay out a sample floor plan by dragging and dropping guests from your guest list. Guests are pre-populated on your guest list. You can easily drag and equally drop guests to their respective tables. You have the power to design your floor plan.

You can add guest tables of different sizes, designs, and shapes and customize the room with a dance floor or gift table. You can easily print, export the plan or email the floor plan to make you final venue. You can create table report according to your seating chart and stay well organized on the big day.