Romantic Things Couples Can do During their Honeymoon

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Marriage brings a lot of drama, tragedy, and comedy. However, before you experience any of these flavors, you need to catch the trailer with some fantasy. After the gruesome, the hectic hustle and bustle of the wedding, you need to take a calm and relaxing honeymoon to enjoy life with your new spouse. Honeymoon retreats offer you and your spouse a chance to relax in a secluded setting where you revitalize your mind, body, and relationship.

When it’s time to plan a getaway with your newly wed, consider engaging in these activities.

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How to Shop for the Right Wedding Gown

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wedding dressBy the time you are ready to start wedding shopping, you have probably come up with a check list of items you need, including your gown. Most bridal shops will only allow clients to book an hour-long appointment. While a full hour is plenty of time to try on dresses, it can prove to be quite short if you are not prepared. Before stepping into the dressing room, you need to narrow your options and have some ideas in mind.

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Essential Wedding Vendors You Need on Your Big Day

Posted by on Aug 28, 2017 in wedding |

VENDORSStandout weddings are as a result of a full team of creative professionals all working together to make your dreams a reality. After you have determined your wedding theme and style and wedding budget, the ultimate step in the marriage planning process commences. You hire reliable and highly reputable vendors to carry out your vision to fruition.

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Guide to Personal Loans for Wedding

Posted by on Aug 16, 2017 in wedding |

loanFor many people, planning a dream wedding is an exciting way to express love to those they care about, as they celebrate this love in front of friends and family. On the other hand, affording that wedding is not always easy. In the States, the typical cost of a wedding is said to be about $20,000. – this means you might need help paying on your big day.

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Best Wedding Venue Ideas for 2017

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Finding a wedding venue should be on the top of your to-do-list. The venue will, without a doubt, be the biggest chunk of your budget. Picking a wedding venue sets the foundation for your entire wedding. Whatever you choose will influence the overall feel of your wedding and all that is involved after that. Before settling on a venue, you need to do a thorough research on your preferences, as well as being guided by other factors.

What to Guide You

Wedding yatchBefore we look at some of inspirational wedding venues for this year, it is also good to look at the guiding and underlying factors. First, you need to get recommendations on all the best venues under your interest. Next, schedule your tour. See the place under consideration on what’s unique and the features it offers. From the list of venues, make a choice and book with confidence.

In your process of making a venue choice, let your budget drive the decision. Your budget will determine every aspect of a wedding. Take into consideration the tone your venue will set. Pay keen attention to the details of the various venues you shall be considering.

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Wedding Planning: Here’s what you need to Know

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Where are we going to start with our wedding plans? You have a couple of months to your special day, and you’re not sure where to begin as far as planning is concerned. This is a common concern nowadays. Most of the decisions you’re supposed to make regarding your wedding event are usually hard, especially in the initial stages. As you progress ahead, things tend to become much easier while others simply fall into place. This doesn’t negate the fact that planning for that special day can be overwhelming and probably the most stressful thing ever. Here’s a quick that will help you make everything runs out smoothly while planning for that wedding. And, have fun in your forthcoming marriage.

The Guest List

Most of your wedding decisions will depend on the number of guests you’re expecting to attend your wedding. Not all your guests will attend your wedding. As a matter of fact, you should only expect about seventy percent of those you invited. This often happens when you invite more than one hundred and fifty guests. You might have 90 percent plus attendance if you invite less than fifty people. The fifty you’re inviting are most likely your family members and close friends who won’t miss. As you increase the number towards 200, chances are you’ve crossed the “closest friends” line to the “friends” category. Although it’s quite challenging to know the exact number of people coming for your wedding, you should have a general guideline that will help you make other decisions such as costs and venue.

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