What You Need to Know About Customer Goodwill

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Have you ever abandoned a company because of a bad experience you have had with it? Maybe you had a bad experience with an employee, a product or you ordered a towing service and things didn’t go as per your expectations. When it comes to business, customer goodwill is very important. It plays a major role in customer retention and can contribute to acquisition as well.

What is customer goodwill?

Customer goodwill is an intangible asset that businesses obtain through providing consistent and high-quality customer service. It accounts for returns that are non-quantifiable and can be difficult to measure and categorize, such as customer loyalty, customer value as well as brand reputation.

Goodwill plays a very important role in long term relationship with customers. It not only keeps customers engaged with your products and services.  The more you build it up, the stronger the relationship becomes. It provides a safety net to your customers in case your business makes some mistakes.

You need to think of goodwill as an insurance policy with your customers. The more you have invested in it, the more likely your customers will forgive you when something goes wrong. In case you neglect or don’t build it appropriately, your customers will not trust you to get things right. It will add friction to the support experience and it results in a difficult experience with your customers.

If you are looking to build goodwill, note that it will never happen overnight. Here is how to build reliable goodwill with your customers.

Excellent product quality

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, all you need it to ensure you offer the highest quality products. If your product is superior to your competitors, customers will hesitate to abandon you, even in that circumstance when you make a small mistake.

Reliable customer channels

Consistency is key to building rapport with your customers and generating the much-required goodwill. If you are consistent in solving customer issues and problems, they will trust your support channels over time. Eventually, in case you encounter a crisis, your loyal following will allow you to correct the problem because you have to show to have a proven track record.

Long term customer relations

As we have discussed above, goodwill is the product of nurturing long-term relations with your customers. You need to keep them engaged with your products, services as well as promotional content. All these remind your customer of the value your business brings to them.  If you need to refer to your customer journey map, ensure you look at the areas where you can increase engagements after a purchase has been made.

Customer feedback collection

Ask your customers to provide you with feedback as it will help in yielding a lot of benefits for your business. It will help in showing your customers what you want them to see from your brand and will also give the data you need to optimize your offers. By asking for input from your customers, you will demonstrate that your intentions are sincere and that you can listen to them.

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Key Performance Indicators to Help Improve Your Marketing

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A KPI is a performance indicator that measures how a company such as Cape Coral Towing Service is performing at achieving a certain goal or objective. Every aspect of a business has KPIs to be looked at, whether it’s financial, sales, marketing, or operational. Essentially, KPIs are measurable metrics that gauge the overall performance over time. When analyzing a KPI report, one of the best ways to go about it is to create custom dashboards.

If you are running any marketing activity, here are some of the most important KPIs you can look at.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Customer acquisition cost measures the amount it takes to convert a potential lead into a customer. This is an important metric that can be used to improve your marketing and helps to make important budgetary decisions. You would not want to spend too much money on acquiring a customer if it would not be profitable. This KPI is important in helping businesses decide how much money to spend on attracting customers.

Lifetime Value of a Customer

This is another important metric that helps in determining how much to spend on marketing. It is a metric that indicates the total amount of revenue a business can expect to make from a single customer. When looking at the Lifetime value of a customer metric, it is also important to compare it also with customer acquisition cost.

If your CAC is higher than LTV, then you are probably spending too much money acquiring customers.

Return on Investment

In marketing, the return on investment refers to the amount of money you gain compared to the marketing cost. To calculate ROI, you will subtract marketing expenses from sales growth and then divide that by the marketing cost to get the return on your investment. In marketing, it is important to keep in mind that it can be hard to have a direct relationship with sales growth to a marketing campaign. If that is is the case, you can subtract your average organic sales and marketing cost from your sales growth and then divide it by your marketing cost.

Return on Ads Spend

Popularity known as ROAS is a more specific KPI that you can use to determine the success of your ad campaign. It is a metric that measures the revenue generated as compared to every dollar you spend on an advertising campaign. It is usually a ratio.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Known as MQL, it is a lead that has engaged with your company and has the potential of becoming a more serious prospect if you go ahead and nurture that relationship. It can be a very great KPI to measure because it helps your marketing team understand how many leads they are bringing in.

Follower Growth

As a marketer, one of the most important duties you will have is to manage your social media accounts for your company. if you work on the social media team, an important KPI to track is follower growth. Most likely, you will have one of the goals which include increasing brand awareness and interacting with your audience. A sure way to keep track of that metric is to measure your follower growth.

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Common Cash Flow Problems Facing Small Businesses

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Good cash flow is one of the most important aspects of building a healthy business. It has often been cited that cash flow problems are one of the biggest contributors to failure in small businesses. Businesses such as https://carpetcleaningfredericksburg.org/ faced cash crunch but had solid financial plans that helped steer the business ahead in challenging times. It is very important to fix cash problems from the onset when setting up a business. Starting on the wrong food can be challenging to recover. When in business, it is important to keep an eye on your cash flows and correct any mistakes that might come up.

Let’s have a look at common cash flow problems that face businesses today, and understand how to deal with such.

Underestimating starting capital

If you are starting a business, it is important to get a realistic budget that can help you get started. Unrealistic expectations and a lack of cash reserves will have you get started on the wrong footing. It can be very challenging to run out of money before you can even get started. Ensure you draw a realistic budget that can help you get started in the right way and give you the advantage to deal with common shortcomings.

Expecting profits too quickly

When you open the doors for your business, you probably hope that customers will be lining up waiting to make purchases from you. However, that may not always be the case. Research has shown that small business owners can work up to four years to reach profitability in their business. It can take time to build a profitable business. Nearly one-third of businesses close shop within the first year of their operation.

Not creating a cash flow budget

It can be detrimental not to create a cash flow budget. A cash flow budget is an estimate of the cash you expect to receive and the cash flows you expect to pay during a certain time. We can also call this cash flow forecast. If you want to create a cash flow forecast for the next 30 days, you need to project how much cash you expect to receive and spend in the next 30 days.

Overlooking high overhead costs

If your overhead costs are too high, your small business will be faced with a lot of cash flow problems. High rental costs, expensive car leases, and logistics costs can eat into your profits quickly. If you have high overhead costs, you will be fighting a tough battle. You will need to sell more to cover the costs of your overhead. Alternatively, you can reduce overhead costs.

Collecting receivables too quickly

If you have success in selling for your business but your customers are slow in paying, that can put you on a tight spot. Collecting receivables too slowly can slow your growth and put you into a tight spot. You will be faced with lots of problems in paying your bills on time. You need to put a receivable process in place and only extend credit to those customers who have a rich history of paying.

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Top 5 Water and Amusement Parks in France

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PARISFrance plays home to some of the best theme  and amusement parks. Family holidays need to have fun days, and themes parks in France can guarantee this fun. Whether you are looking for parks filled with exciting rides or fun activities, you can enjoy your favorite characters in water-parks, by taking giant flumes and breathtaking water-slides. Besides that, there are educational parks that are great fun for children to learn something new. I had to take time off tow truck tasks and head to France, and the experience was fantastic.

If you are on a visit to France more so with kids, you might want to visit the best amusement parks which includes water parks. There are different types of slides including artificial lakes and water games. There are more than 60 publicly accessible water parks and here are the best five.


At Aquariaz park, you will have a unique experience as you slide through the Alps- at the highest waterpark the Europe has to offer. Aquariaz is located in the mountains of Avoriaz. The water park is open all year round and includes features such as indoor Jacuzzi, pool, sauna, water play areas for the youngest, hammams, sports court and other various activities. During winter, the park offers a calm relaxation after a long day of skiing. In the summer, it is a good alternative to beach resorts.

Since this park is located in the mountains, you might need to re rent a car or book a Limousine, as these are the most hassle-free options. If you prefer taking a bus, you can find them at Cluses and Thonon. For those flying, you should know the park is located near the border of with Switzerland, with the nearest airport being Geneva.


Disneyland Paris

Disneyland ParisThe Disneyland Paris is the biggest and most famous park in France. It is Disney’s only theme park in Europe. It can be accessed two and half hours from the port of Le Havre and about three hours from Caen. The park is huge, nearly one fifth the size of Paris and features so many wild rides.

You can explore five different worlds of the park – the Main Street USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Discoveryland. Famous rides include Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission 2 and the Big Thunder Mountain. Also on this park, you should not miss the Walt Disney Studios where you can discover what it takes being behind the camera in a movie.



Futuroscope is located in Western France and is one of the most visited attractions in France. The theme park is all about cinema, multimedia audio visual and robotic technology of the future. The park shows 3D and 4D films all with the latest simulation technology, and have seats that move in sync with whats shown on the screen.

The park is themed around science and technology of moving images that surprise and amaze visitors. It combines attractions as the new dancing robots and robotic zoo and other visual effects. Most of the activities shown in this park are indoor, so it is a good place to visit irrespective of the weather. Charges are 35€ for adults, 33€ for seniors and 25€ for children.


La Mer de Sable

La Mer de Sable which translates to the Sea of Sand has 26 attractions and three worlds of adventure. This theme park offers something a little different from the usual. At this theme, there is a chance to see fantastic horseback riding, stunts, aerobics and acrobat, shows, adventures and burlesque shows. It is the ultimate hanging point for fun lovers and features a ranch, a saloon, and a canyon


Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix was opened in 1989 and was the first theme park in France. It is based on popular stories of Asterix and Obelisk. The park boasts the biggest wooden roller coaster in Europe, and this intense looping roller coaster turns upside down seven times – an enough feeling to activate adrenaline rush.

It has a proximity to Disneyland Paris, which makes it sometimes to be overlooked by thrill seekers. This, therefore, works to the advantage of making the theme park have shorter queues, making time spent on the rides to be longer. The park is situated 30km north of Paris and is easily accessible by public transport or car.


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Top 5 Wedding Destination Tips You Need to Know

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Free photo Destination Florist Planning a wedding away from home is attractive but yet challenging. A destination wedding presents couples with an opportunity to celebrate their marriage at a gorgeous and secluded location that is far from home. Couples get married from all over the world in stunning locations such as Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico and Europe in amazing limousines, and other pristine cars and not Tow Trucks. Destination weddings can involve just the two of the spouses, or it can have some few selected family members and friends.

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Fashion Tips for Grooms You Need to Know

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suitsWhen it comes to dressing for the wedding, many people think guys have the easy job. However, looking and feeling great on your wedding day is not just a matter of putting on a suit and tie. You have to think about a lot of things such as color, cut, size and style. Similarly, you want to look as stylish and classy as your partner on this wedding day. All eyes will be cast on you and your partner, so you need to put the best foot forward.

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