Finding a wedding venue should be on the top of your to-do-list. The venue will, without a doubt, be the biggest chunk of your budget. Picking a wedding venue sets the foundation for your entire wedding. Whatever you choose will influence the overall feel of your wedding and all that is involved after that. Before settling on a venue, you need to do a thorough research on your preferences, as well as being guided by other factors.

What to Guide You

Wedding yatchBefore we look at some of inspirational wedding venues for this year, it is also good to look at the guiding and underlying factors. First, you need to get recommendations on all the best venues under your interest. Next, schedule your tour. See the place under consideration on what’s unique and the features it offers. From the list of venues, make a choice and book with confidence.

In your process of making a venue choice, let your budget drive the decision. Your budget will determine every aspect of a wedding. Take into consideration the tone your venue will set. Pay keen attention to the details of the various venues you shall be considering.

Choose a site that is comfortable, beautiful and easily accessible. Think about your guests. Pay into attention the logistics of many guests and family members that will travel miles away to attend your wedding. Here are some wedding ideas;

1. Converted Building

Weddings are popping up all across the world in converted buildings, such as monasteries, former warehouses, factories and even airplane hangars. These converted buildings can be rented out for parties. These unconventional spaces can be transformed to fit almost any theme. The addition of flowers and decor creates a unique venue for a wedding.

2. State, City or National Park

Public parks provide some of the most pretty backdrops you can find in town. They are perfect spots for intimate and casual weddings. These public places require that you apply for a permit ahead of time and may have some restrictions on bringing sounds, equipment, certain foods, and drink. Public parks can accommodate weddings attracting many guests. As far as the rest of the event is concerned, research the nearby hotels, resorts and restaurants for reception purposes.

3. Botanical Gardens

botanical gardenHave you ever imagined getting married surrounded by flowers? If yes, consider having your wedding at a local botanical garden, horticulture or conservatory center. Besides the many beautiful blooms, many gardens have pretty of fountains, perfectly manicured flower beds, tree-lined paths or even ethereal greenhouses. These are awesome places where you can hold both the ceremony and reception.

4. On a Yacht

If you love the sea, a yacht or a boat would be great choices for you. Your guests will love the set up and your photographer will appreciate the changing backgrounds throughout the day. To conduct this kind of wedding, you don’t need to be at the high seas. Do a research to see if there are any military vessels or historic ships docked and open for weddings.

5. Theme Park

theme parkAre you the kind of people who cannot get enough of what roller coasters, cotton candy, and carousels offer? Amusement parks such as Disneyland offer various wedding packages to make planning your day as easy as possible.

Peak season for themes are usually run from January through April and they schedule wedding and receptions even after operating hours. Amusement parks are also fun-filled and your guests will have a lot of fun activities to enjoy. As long as you get the necessary permits you could be riding a ferris wheel among other wonderland activities.

6. Castle or Palace

It is time to treat yourself with a royal treatment by booking a castle for your wedding. In the United States, there are castle venues available for those who want to tie the knot. If you are on the hunt for regal destination spots, you may consider tying the knot at Kensington Palace in London or at the royal home of William and Kate. Others may book palace halls, rooms or gardens and enjoy a memorable royal-inspired wedding.

Above venues are not all exhaustive. Other good option to look forward to include; the ice caves, at an apple orchard, under water, at an aquarium, at a public zoo, at a Christmas tree farm, theaters, tree house among others.